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UE4 Landscape Design

This is an exercise in Landscape Design. I used World Creator, Substance Designer, Quixel Mixer, and Unreal Engine4 for this project. This project was completed in March 2021.

Demo Images

Project Info

  • Platform: PC Windows10

  • Date of Completion: 2021.03

  • Category: UE4 Landscape Design

  • Controller: Mouse&Keyboard

  • Art Style: 3D Realistic

  • Preferred Resolution: 1920 x1080

  • Contribution: Individual Project


This is an exercise in Landscape Design. Through this project, I learned the whole process of making scenes and levels with Unreal Engine4.

Art Reference

I want to make a forest scene and there is a big lake in the middle of the forest. So I referenced the game Crysis. The scene design of this game is great. Since I mainly want to practice shaders, materials, VFX, and level building, most of my raw footage comes from the Unreal Engine store, and I further process them to make them available in the engine.

Basic Terrain Design

I used World Creator to create the raw terrain, export the heightmap, and import it into UE4. Then I made further adjustments using the terrain editing tools that come with UE4.

World Creator.png


After working with the textures in Quixel Mixer and Substance Designer, I got all the textures I needed to use and imported into UE4.

Quixel Mixer.png

Material Scripting

I used the Material function of UE4 and wrote node script to apply the texture to the material. Among them, I only used the Z-axis projection algorithm for the material of the terrain.

Painting Items and Roads

After the above work is done, I used the trees, stones, flowers, and other models in the Unreal Marketplace, distributed them on the map, and made some roads.

Post Processing

In the end, I adjusted the parameters of the lights, cameras and post-processing to achieve the best possible rendering.

What I Learned

  1. The whole process of Landscape production.

  2. Search, preprocessing, and usage of textures.

  3. Processing of scene materials in UE4 Material Scripting.

  4. Painting and post-processing in UE4.

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