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Idle Simulation Game

This is a feature based on the game design of "Family Farm Seaside". The purpose of this feature is to allow high-level players of the game to experience new gameplay and to enhance the daily-active of these players. I acted as the lead game designer in this project. This feature was shipped in April 2020.

Demo Video

Project Info

  • Platform: Mobile (Android&IOS)

  • Date of Completion: 2020.04

  • Category: Idle Simulation Game

  • Controller: Mobile Phone

  • Art Style: 2D Cartoon

  • Preferred Resolution: N/A

  • Contribution: Game Designer

  • Team Size: 1 Designer, 3 Programmers, 6 Artists, 2 QA

  • ​Download Link: Family Farm Seaside

Background and Design Purpose

There was limited game content for high-level players of "Family Farm Seaside", so we need new gameplay to increase their enthusiasm for participating in the game. The sustainability of this feature must reach more than half a year, and we would put new resources as the goal for players. It should also not cost too much time for players. In short, there are several purposes I have to fulfill:

  1. New gameplay.

  2. Sustainability.

  3. Daily active.

  4. Not too much time for players.

Game Flow

To achieve the goal of this function, my first consideration is new gameplay that fits the "Family Farm Seaside" itself, which is a simulation game. Secondly, because there are many animals in the game, but lack marine life, it is a good choice to import some fantastic marine life into the game. Third, to extend the content consumption time, the numerical design of this function must have an upper limit. Fourth, to reduce the time the player spends every day, placing the gameplay would be an ideal choice. The resolution is as followed:

  1. New gameplay: feed some marine life.

  2. Sustainability: set upper limit resources gained every day in this feature.

  3. Daily active: there should be a daily bonus and limited rewards players can claim every day, so players will actively play it.

  4. Not too much time for players: idle gameplay.

Here is the game loop of this feature.

The loop can be simplified as:

Aquarium Simplified.png

Scene and Character Design

To reflect the characteristics of the aquarium and the rareness of fish, I did not choose fish in daily life. Instead, I creatively designed the animals and food in "Family Farm Seaside" as fish, because this can be a surprise for players. I successfully shared this information with the art team and got a great work.


Numerical Design

To extend the life cycle of this feature, I made the game loop into an inner loop + outer loop mode. This means that as long as it does not affect the main gameplay of "Family Farm Seaside", this feature can be played forever. Game numerical design is also one of my strengths, so I am very confident in this. I used Javascript to make some script-assisted calculations with Google Sheet. The following is part of my calculation process.


What I Learned

  1. How to design a function in an existing game.

  2. How to balance the profit goal of the game and the joy of the player.

  3. How to design sustainable gameplay and create a good numerical balance.

  4. How to accurately deliver requirements to the team of programmers and artists.

  5. How to complete the development and release the function within the limited development time.

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